Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Freshman or better yet " Fresh Meat "

OMG !  I'm a collage student now .  I can't believe it. It feels like yesterday when  i was feeling nervous because i was going to Highschool  and now here i am. At a new place , with new people , new environment , new courses , new professors and hopefully later on with new friends.

Anyway the first days at Epoka university haven't been so bad after all. This first week has been an orientation week with different workshops on photography (in my future post i will show photos of competition) ,  architectural model making and sketching . We all got introduced with our professors , whom seemed really nice  and all of them spoke only English during courses , so it will be even a better  way to improve my speaking skills :) 
One other thing that i like about this university is the environment and the fact that it has a huge space, where you can relax or finish your homework :p 

This is a picture taken by the school's photographer 

So here are same photos of me and my new friends from the first days at Epoka University .

Like a professional model :p 

Behind me you can see the beautiful tents where you can sit during breaks 

My first Model Making  work 


  1. Yes you're a college student, and you're going to be a great one :)
    I like your look, simple and nice <3

  2. I liked it ! Uncle Ben wishes you only success and good luck

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