Sunday, October 13, 2013

Different point of view !

Hello again ! 
In my first week of university we were given a task , or more like a competition about photography . We had to take beautiful pictures of Tirana, but all in different point of views. 

So i went out to take some pictures and than after watching all my pictures i had some crazy thoughts in my mind. I actually like Tirana. All the beautiful monuments, buildings, parks , streets and even the clubs , didn't seem that bad after all. 

I think that we spend a lot of time thinking about the places that we wish we could live, about beautiful pictures we see on the Internet, about the perfect life that we see in movies  and because of that we see our small city differently and we forget to look around and love, appreciate the place that we live in. 

So i changed my point of view and i noticed that everything around me is beautiful ! Now, here are some pictures that i took . Hope you like them. 
xoxo ♥ 


  1. You know you're right, we should change our point of view sometimes, great pictures ! :)