Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Basic Design

Hello guys ! 
It's been a while since my last post , that's because I have been so busy with university . We have had  lots of lectures and also lots of assignments.
Almost everybody who sees my assignments thinks that they are lame, waste of time and very easy to do . But, actually since i am a first year student these are very hard and take a lot of time and you really need to think about your idea. Each and everyone of the shapes and colors should be thought critically . We need to think about the organisation , the measurements ,the place that we are going to put them, what distance and things like that. It may look easy, but TRUST me! It isn't. I have spent hours and hours just to make these models. Some of them are more easy because all the assignments get more difficult as we take more lectures.
Anyway, so i will show some of my Basic Design Assignments (not all of them )
Maybe next time i will show my Graphic Communication assignments.

Until next time , All best ! X♥X♥

Color palette 



  1. I love your workkk :')
    Great job ^_^

  2. Thank you so much you guys ! :))

  3. I don't think they look lame at all! They are really nice, and I understand how important it is to put the right shape in the perfect place as everything else. Good luck with the assignments sweetie :)

    - Che


    1. Thank you so much ! Actually it is really hard to figure out the place and the right shape :)
      thank you :)

  4. Lovely work! Congrats :) M&M FASHION BITES

  5. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!